Festivals of Bhutan

Festivals in Bhutan are celebrated as religious rituals, they are held on ground which is purified and consecrated by religious heads. All participants of the religious rituals are either monks or laymen. It is said that they perform in a complete state of meditation helping them transform themselves into the deities which they represent in various dances.

Bhutanese believe that the performers generate a spiritual power, which cleanses, purifies, enlightens and blesses each and everyone witnessing the ceremony. It should be understood that disrespectful or impolite behaviour is unacceptable to the Bhutanese people while observing festivals within the country. Please note to observe common courtesy in your actions when taking pictures of dances or locals attending the festivals.

It is important to note that festivals are not entertainment events and they are not held as tourist attractions. Bhutanese are proud of their festivals and value them with their highest respect for they are genuine manifestations of religious traditions, thousands of years old which outsiders are given the privilege of witnessing. We would appreciate to see that this privilege is respected, without damaging the beauty and sacredness of the rituals.

Following are the tentative dates of the Festival Events

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